About Us

Irwin Neulight
Founder & Chairman
Boulder, CO
T: +1.303.443.3036
Marc Neulight
San Francisco, CA
T: +1.415.345.9310
Barbara Neulight
Corporate Secretary
Boulder, CO
Brian Bundy
Business Development Manager
Seattle, WA
T: +1.206.419.7258
Jackie Peterson
Operations & Logistics Manager
Reno, NV
T: +1.775.499.5858

Our History & Philosophy

Neuchem was founded in 1993 by Irwin Neulight, capitalizing on over 30 years experience in international trade and distribution of chemicals.

Irwin’s reputation in the industry as being honest, reliable and enjoyable to work with allowed Neuchem to cultivate exclusive agency agreements with several key manufacturers overseas.

In 2006 Irwin’s son Marc Neulight joined Neuchem, leading the company’s diversification and continued expansion, guided by the same core principles.

As a small family business, Neuchem is responsive and flexible. Our business partners are one call away from speaking with the decision-maker who can respond to requests in a timely manner.

Neuchem cultivates long-term relationships with our suppliers and the end users of our products, satisfying unique requirements for quality, packaging, delivery and price.

In the world of chemicals, Our Word is Our Bond.

Our Services

Neuchem specializes in sourcing chemicals from competitive, world-class producers spanning the globe offering our customers cost savings that positively impact your bottom line.

As an integral link in your supply chain, we deliver raw materials to your doorstep in a secure, cost-competitive, and friendly environment.

Neuchem reduces risk by offering a secondary source of critical raw materials from local inventory.

We supply products that are only available from overseas.

Neuchem carefully selects our suppliers to guarantee high quality materials on a consistent basis.

Our Locations

Neuchem is headquartered in Reno, Nevada. With sales offices, agents, and warehouse locations spanning the United States, we offer seamless distribution services to customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

We stock inventory in warehouses throughout the United States, allowing us to serve customers in all regions in a timely and cost effective manner.