Synonyms: "Methanone, diphenyl-; «alpha»-Oxodiphenylmethane; «alpha»-Oxoditane benzoyl-;Benzoylbenzene;Diphenyl ketone;Diphenylmethanone;Phenyl ketone;Ketone, diphenyl;a-Oxodiphenylmethane;a-Oxoditane;Adjutan 6016;Kayacure bp;ADK STAB 1413;Diphenyl-methanon;Benzopheneone"
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Used as a photo initiator in UV-curing applications such as inks, imaging, and clear coatings in the printing industry. Prevents ultraviolet (UV)light from damaging scents and colors in products such as perfumes and soaps. It can also be added to the plastic packaging as a UV blocker. Its use allows manufacturers to package the product in clear glass or plastic. Without it, opaque or dark packaging would be required.
In biological applications, benzophenones have been used extensively as photophysical probes to identify and map peptide–protein interactions