Dipropylene Gylcol Monobutyl Ether

Synonyms: DPNB; DPB; Solvenon DPnB; Acrosolv DPNB; Dipropylene Glycol Normal Butyl Ether; Normal Butoxy Propoxy Propanol; 1­(2­butoxy­1­methylethoxy)­2­propanol; n­butoxypropoxypropanol; dipropylene glycol n­butyl ether; Dowanol
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Coupling agent and solvent in household and industrial cleaners,grease and paint removers,metal cleaners, and hard surface cleaners.Effective coupling agent and efficient solvent for water-reducible coatings. Effective coalescent in water-borne coatings. Active solvent for solvent-based coatings. Chemical intermediate for the production of epoxides,acid ester derivatives, solvents, and plasticizers.