Erucic Acid

Synonyms: (Z)-13-Docosenoic acid; Cis-erucicacid; Delta 13-cis-docosenoicacid; Cis-Erucic Acid; Delta 13-cis-Docosenoic Acid; 13-cis-Docosenoic acid; Delta13:14-Docosenoic acid;
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Used as an intermediate to make chemicals such as triglycerides; erucamides; amines, behenic acid; behenyl alcohol erucyl alcohol , wide range of erucic acid  metallic salts and esters, brassylic acid and pelargonic acid. End applications include lubricants, heat transfer fluids, surfactants, slip agents, emollients, cosmetics and coatings. It is also used in polyesters, plastics and nylons.