Terpinyl Acetate

Synonyms: 3-Cyclohexene-1-methanol,a,a,4-trimethyl-, acetate (9CI) ;p-Menth-1-en-8-ol, acetate (8CI); 2-(4-Methyl-3-cyclohexen-1-yl)-2-propyl acetate; a-Terpineol acetate ;a-Terpinyl acetate;3-Cyclohexene-1-methanol,a,a,4-trimethyl-1-acetate
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Terpinyl acetate is mainly used in perfumery for low cost fragrances and it is preferred in compounds for soaps and detergents because of its good stability to alkali. In addition, Terpinyl acetate (CAS No.:80-26-2) is often used in various berry flavors, also in bergamot, lavender, lime, woody flavors, its dosage is about 30% in flavors formula.