Our customers in North America work with Neuchem to gain access to global production of critical raw materials.  We provide alternative sources of supply which would not otherwise be available to the domestic market. Therefore, our supply relationships with manufacturers around the globe are our most important asset.

We provide value to our manufacturer partners in several ways:

  • Access to the largest petrochemical industry in the world. Our customers include the largest chemical companies as well as smaller and medium-size local manufacturers.
  • Extensive network of strong, personal relationships with buyers and decision-makers in the chemical industry throughout the United States.
  • Local distribution to all regions of the USA, Mexico and Canada channeled through ten warehouse locations.
  • Proven record of success identifying target customers for a given product or range of products, developing relationships with Purchasing where one does not already exist, and converting these relationships into new business.
  • Hard work, persistence, professionalism, and an incredible administrative team that consistently impresses all with their service.
  • Timely, detailed feedback and information about specific customers and the North America market in general.

Our Partners

Neuchem currently enjoys the following exclusive distributor relationships: