Dibutyl Maleate

DBM, Di-n-butyl maleate; Di-n-butyl ester; Maleic acid dibutyl ester; 2-butenedioic acid (cis) di-n-butyl ester; 2-butenedioic acid (cis) dibutyl ester

Adhesive dispersions
Paper coatings

Plasticizer for vinyl resins and for applications involving co-polymerization with polyvinyl chloride and vinyl acetates; copolymers formed with vinyl acetate and DBM are used in the manufacturing of paints, giving them a higher flexibility, stability to water and ultra violet light, besides a higher adherence. Plasticizer in water resistant films; used in the manufacturing of plastisols, adhesives, additives and synthetic lubricants.

Via the process called polycondensation, CHDM is a precursor to polyesters. It is one of the most important co-monomers for production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), or polyethylene terephthalic ester (PETE), from which plastic bottles are made.

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