Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA)

DEHA 98%, N,N-Diethylohydroxyloamine

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Water Treatment
Diethylhydroxylamine is utilized in various water treatment applications, including boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, and municipal/industrial water treatment. In these processes, DEHA acts as an oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion and scale formation in equipment such as boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pipelines, storage tanks, and water distribution systems.

Oil and Gas Industry
DEHA serves as a corrosion inhibitor in oil and gas production and processing operations. It protects metal equipment such as pipelines, storage tanks, and production vessels from corrosion caused by oxygen and hydrogen sulfide.

Pulp and Paper Industry
DEHA can be used as a chemical additive to control dissolved oxygen levels and prevent corrosion in pulp and paper mill equipment. It helps to maintain the integrity of papermaking machinery and improve paper quality.

Chemical Processing
DEHA is utilized in various chemical processes as a reducing agent and corrosion inhibitor. It can be added to process streams to scavenge dissolved oxygen, prevent oxidation reactions, and protect metal equipment from corrosion in chemical reactors, tanks, and pipelines.

Curing Agent Modification
Diethylhydroxylamine can also be used as a modifier or accelerator for the curing process of epoxy resins. When added to epoxy formulations, DEHA can enhance the curing rate and improve the mechanical properties of cured epoxy materials. This can result in shorter curing times and increased productivity in epoxy-based applications.

In some cases, DEHA may also act as a flexibilizer in epoxy coatings and adhesives. By enhancing the flexibility of the cured epoxy material, DEHA can improve its resistance to cracking, chipping, and mechanical stress, making it more suitable for applications where flexibility and durability are important, such as coatings for concrete surfaces or adhesives for bonding flexible substrates.

End Markets

Water Treatment Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Pulp and Paper Industry
Chemical Processing Industry
Coatings and Adhesives Industry

Hazard Class
2, 3, 4
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