DEHA 98%, N,N-Diethylohydroxyloamine

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N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine is used as a water treatment chemical to avoid corrosion in water boilers by binding oxygen (Oxygen scavenger). Short stopper of polymerization in production of SBR/NBR and poly butadiene polymer. Polymerization inhibitor used as anti-popcorn agent in styrene/butadiene monomer production. DEHA acts as an inhibitor because it scavenges peroxides, oxygen and organic radicals. It is used as a colour stabilizer in polymers and fuel systems. Reagent for the selective reduction of quinones to quinols under mild conditions. Preparation of phentyltetrahydrophthalimide herbicides. Catalyst in the formation of ceramic coatings from a ceramic precursor. Vulcanizing agent for silicone rubbers free of organometalic catalysts. Catalysts for hydrolysis of siloxanes in silicone rubber manufacturing. Anti-foulants and color for distillate fuel oils. Oxidizing agents for post-leaching kaolinite clays. Manufacture of room temperature curable sealants.



Hazard Class
2, 3, 4
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