Pentaerythritol Tech 88%

Penta Tech; PE Tech; Penta Tech 200; Tech PE 200; Penta Tech 88% fine mesh; Penta Tech 88% micronized

Alkyd resins; rosin and tall oil esters; special varnishes; pharmaceuticals; plasticizers; insecticides; synthetic lubricants; paint swelling agents; flame retardants; intumescent coatings.

Why source Pentaerythritol Tech 88% from Neuchem?

  • Neuchem specializes in sourcing chemicals from competitive, world-class producers spanning the globe offering our customers cost savings that positively impact your bottom line.
  • As an integral link in your supply chain, we deliver raw materials to your doorstep in a secure, cost-competitive, and friendly environment.
  • Neuchem reduces risk by offering a secondary source of critical raw materials from local inventory.
  • We supply products that are only available from overseas.
  • Neuchem carefully selects our suppliers to guarantee high quality materials on a consistent basis.

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