Tung Oil

Chinawood oil; nut oil

Used in exterior paint, printing ink, varnishes, wood finishing, and water-proofing. Used in anti-erosion and anti rust materials in construction, machinery, arms, vehicles and ships, fishing tools and electrical appliances. It can also be used to make oil cloth, oil paper, soap, pesticide, as well as nauseant and insecticide for medical use.

Why source Bulk Tung Oil from Neuchem?

  • We distinguish ourselves from the competition by sourcing only the highest quality oils, exclusively from China.
  • We import exclusively Tung Oil with Color (Gardner) 7-8.
  • We supply bulk (isotanks, flexitanks), packed in 950 kg net IBC totes and 190 kg net drums.
  • As an integral link in your supply chain, we deliver raw materials to your doorstep in a secure, cost-competitive, and friendly environment.
  • Neuchem carefully selects our suppliers to guarantee high quality materials on a consistent basis.

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